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Digital Providence Publications intends to take a leadership position in the evolving digital publishing industry.

Our vision is to offer immersive and entertaining content-rich experiences to our customers across all digital platforms.

As the current trend of e-books and digital products continue to cannibalize the traditional print book market, we are set to push the industry's evolution even further, with its launch "Of Myth and Men: The White Night".

Our customers will have an unparalleled, realistic and unique story-telling experience available to them at the touch of a button.

Our product was built as a complete experience from the onset.

"Of Myth and Men: The White Night", the online fiction novel incorporates highly stylized photographs of its characters with the text and artwork. Together, they create a truly unique narrative delivered through an immersive digital format. The quality of the production, which is on par with any motion picture, captivates consumer's imagination, and on any digital medium available.



Our objective is to engage traditional and non-traditional readers with an approach that blends story telling with artwork, photography and other media that the digital realm has made possible.

This innovative approach to delivering interactive content will ensure customers can choose how to consume our products using their digital devices and without compromising the magic of the reading experience.



We intend to use the host of multi media platforms to immerse audiences in our stories and products by allowing them to participate through interactive features. In effect, audiences will become part of the story; both in its development and delivery; all the while remaining connected by a central narrative or theme. By creating content rich experiences, audiences will be able to participate in the development and advancement of both the plot and narrative, in a real and meaningful manner.

Our intention is to create more than a game-storytelling hybrid - we want to create an online universe that allows our audiences, individually or collectively, to take on the mantle of a 'god': to define who lives, who dies and how a story ultimately ends.